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Vista Repair


Vista Microsoft  newest operating system – billed as their best yet.

Yet…  it is still relatively unstable with various bugs to sort out.

  • There are considerable compatibility issues with third party software.

  • The User account control (UAC) is nagging each time you want to open an application.

  • It really requires a lot of RAM.

  • It comes complete with a more than ample supply of bloat-ware.

  • And then the various bugs return.

So let’s find a solution!  It should be as straight forward as with other MS operating systems.  – Or we could even replace the whole OS.  But then we find that there are considerable issues with drivers and compatibility --- and to complicate things there are differences even between the same model computers.  Each system must be evaluated individually.

So… what are the options?

You can put up with all of the above and deal with the frustration every time you operate your system

You can follow the advice of Apple ® and replace your PC

You can spend the better part of a week working through detailed corrections (not recommended for anyone other than an IT professional, and not a walk in the park for them).

                        Or … you can call us (716)995-0700.

We have developed streamlined evaluation and correction processes for Vista.  We offer multiple solutions tailored to your system ranging from $49 - $249.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide technology consulting and service in a manner that consistently streamlines and enhances business productivity rather than detracting from it.


We provide tailored solutions – as much or little as you need.  Whether it’s a complete design and multi-site implementation, one router, or support for existing networks –


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